Mold: Bracers of Blood Moon
Type: Materials
Subtype: Yellow Suit Materials / Armor

Price: 3.000 / 150.000
Stacked: 1

Material to manufacture: ★Bracers of Blood Moon

★Bracers of Blood Moon(2~4 sockets)
Light Wristguards
Lv. 9
Physical Defense +199
Magic Defense +310  
Endurance 145/145
Requisite Lv. 60
Requisite Strength 64
Requisite Dexterity 64
Physical Defense+ 142
Dexterity+ 3~4
Interval Between Hits- 0.1seconds

Award from quest

Mold (0)

Used in craft for following items

☆Bracers of Blood Moon (60)
Recipe: Bracers of Blood Moon
Amount needed: 1