Gold Mold

Required items

Gold Medal: Seat of Torment  Amount:5

Required to do


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Items Group

Amount:1  Chosen randomly

Mold: Burst of Vacuity (3.61%)

Mold: Aura of Buddha (3.57%)

Mold: Dragon's Vibrancy (3.57%)

Mold: Fist of Heroism (3.57%)

Mold: Dragon's Bite (3.57%)

Mold: Thunderstorm Talisman (3.57%)

Mold: Swordsman's Amulet (3.57%)

Mold: Demonic Mark (3.57%)

Mold: Mystical Armor Seal (3.57%)

Mold: Jade Unicorn Pendant (3.57%)

Mold: Plate of Endless Warden (3.57%)

Mold: Armor of Dark Floria (3.57%)

Mold: Cape of Underworld Slayer (3.57%)

Mold: Cuisses of Hamadryad (3.57%)

Mold: Demon Punisher Cuisse (3.57%)

Mold: Pants of Demonic Evil (3.57%)

Mold: Scribe's Shoes (3.57%)

Mold: Light Boots of Hermit (3.57%)

Mold: Boots of Soul Reaper (3.57%)

Mold: Heavy Vambraces of Hermit (3.57%)

Mold: Bracers of Abandonment (3.57%)

Mold: Sleeves of Demon Sword (3.57%)

Mold: Helmet of Endlessness (3.57%)

Mold: Hat of the Arch Wizard (3.57%)

Mold: Cape of Elite Leather (3.57%)

Mold: Band from Heaven's Jail (3.57%)

Mold: Dark Flower Spirit's Ring (3.57%)

Mold: Anger of the Beast Soul (3.57%)


Celestial Messenger - "Lothranis" 424 578(19)

Quest Info

Level: 90+

Can give up

Repeatable after failure