Pirate's Blade


The war is going well, but it'll be a long time before we retake Nightscream Island. Please, go defeat the Chief Assassins there and take 20 of their scimitars. You can get to Nightscream Island by taking the ship from Dreamweaver Port.

Required to do

Get: Pirate's Scimitar  Amount:70

Drop from: Chief Assassin (80)  Rate:90%


Gold: 28.000

Exp: 46500

SP: 10500

Reputation: 8

SP: 10500

Items Group

Amount:1  Chosen randomly

Celestone of Heaven (10%)

Celestone of Earth (10%)

Celestone of Human (10%)

Celestone Fragments (70%)


General Tuyan - "World" 661 375(26)

Award NPC

Quest Info

Level: 80 - 90

Can give up

Repeatable after failure