Oil of Faerie Fish


A routine task has to be done again. The evil aura is gathering. Now the Oil of Faerie Fish is needed to burn the fire in order to dispel the evil aura. Go to the Frozen Jade Pool and find the oil from the Plumpfish Mermaid.

Required to do

Get: Oil of Faerie Fish  Amount:40

Drop from: Plumpfish Mermaid (105)  Rate:80%


Gold: 1.050

Exp: 93450

SP: 39623

Reputation: 21

SP: 39623

Items Group

Amount:1  Chosen randomly

Celestone of Heaven (10%)

Celestone of Earth (10%)

Celestone of Human (10%)

Celestone Fragments (70%)


Residence Elder - "Lothranis" 342 591(20)

Award NPC

Quest Info

Level: 105+

Can give up

Repeatable after failure