Type: Materials
Subtype: Medical Materials / Antidotes (Basic)

Price: 100 / 200
Stacked: 500

Herb used for high-level pharmacy.

Used in craft for following items

Detox Pill
Recipe: Detoxicating dew
Amount needed: 3

Nine-Detox Pill (10)
Recipe: Body-washing dew
Amount needed: 3

Thousand-Machine Pill
Recipe: middle lucky drug
Amount needed: 20

Shelter Syrup of Starlight
Recipe: object and magic-resisting drug
Amount needed: 20

Soul Abstersion Tablet
Recipe: divine drug
Amount needed: 20

Gore Removal Tablet
Recipe: hot blood drug
Amount needed: 20

Nirvana Pill
Recipe: fire-resisting drug
Amount needed: 20

Harvest from


Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Expansion Arch City 20+ 20 Required to finish quest
Learn Lv. 4 Pharmacy 0 10 Required to finish quest