☆☆☆Trial Pataka
Type: Weapons
Subtype: Magic / Pataka
Used by character(s): Mystic, Cleric, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Venomancer, Psychic, Wizard, Blademaster
Close Range
LV. 4
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 3
Physical attack 144-176
Magical attack 172-318

Str required 15
Int required 50

Level Required: 19

Price: 140 / 11.600
Stacked: 1

Staff for those who fulfilled the Elder's trial.

Quest Reward. Unable to be refined.
Unable to be traded or discarded. Protected from death.

Craft Rate with 2 socket(s): 100%

Drop rate with 2 socket(s): 100%

Decompose to: 2 Perfect Stone (Price: 10.000)

Destroyed to: 1 Perfect Stone

Award from quest

Report to the Elder (0)

Items Addons:


Magic Attack +10

HP: +45

Reduce Phys. damage +1%

Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Exchange Pataka 0 1 Required to activate quest