Gold Spirit Charm
Restore MP 900000
Triggrer when value is 0.75%
Cooldown Time 5 sec.

Price: 1.000 / 1.000.000
Stacked: 1

Bound item: Bound item cannot be removed.
Equip a new Spirit Charm to replace an old one.

Can be purchased in Item Mall (Alt + O in game)

Gold Spirit Charm

Tab: Utility - Combat

Price: This item may be unavailable in shop for now

Amount: 1

Award from quest

Palace Case (0)
New Purse (0)
Gld. Sprt. Charm Trade (1+)
Gold Spirit Charm Box (0)
Scout's Kit (0)
Pathfinder's Kit (0)
Sold in
Name Exists
GM Seller 5 -