Pigsly Pigsworth
Type: PetEggs
Summon Pet: Mount - Pigsly Pigsworth
Money restore 20000

Price: 1 / 10.000.000
Stacked: 1

Pet egg of the new year golden pig.
Hatch at a Pet Manager.

Can be purchased in Item Mall (Alt + O in game)

Pigsly Pigsworth

Tab: Ride - Beasts

Price: This item may be unavailable in shop for now

Amount: 1

Award from quest

Pet Egg Trade (1+)
Dragon Case (0)
Trap of the King's Mount (0)
N/A日服10.8月彩票 (0)

Used in craft for following items

Swift Pigsly Pigsworth
Recipe: Golden Pig Speed-Up 10
Amount needed: 1

Sold in
Name Exists
GM Seller 1 -
GM Seller 6 -
Vendor NPC of Map no.82 World - 111 5 (22)