Jones' Blessing
Type: Armors
Subtype: Bless Box / Bless Box
Used by character(s): Stormbringer, Duskblade, Mystic, Seeker, Cleric, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Venomancer, Psychic, Wizard, Blademaster
Level Required: 1

Price: 0 / 0
Stacked: 1

A free 7-day buff!
Equip it to gain an Attack Level bonus.
Cannot be traded, dropped, or destroyed. Has a time limit.

Craft Rate with 0 socket(s): 100%

Drop rate with 0 socket(s): 100%

Award from quest

Jones' Secret Power (0+)
Jones' Blessing (0)

Items Addons:


Atk. Level +30