☆☆☆Attendance Signet·Exemplary
Type: Accessory
Subtype: Ring / Magic Ring
Used by character(s): Stormbringer, Duskblade, Mystic, Seeker, Cleric, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Venomancer, Psychic, Wizard, Blademaster
LV. 9
Magical attack 90
Level Required: 70

Price: 648 / 37.480
Stacked: 1

A medium grade reward from the Roll Call event.

Destroyed to: 1 Perfect Stone

Used in craft for following items

☆Attendance Signet·Perfect (90)
Recipe: N/A
Amount needed: 1

Items Addons:


Critical Hit Rate +2%

Def. Level +1

Item can be crafted
Recipe: N/A

☆☆Attendance Signet·Good

Attendance Sheet (30)

Probability to create: 100.00%

PW School Teacher

World: 553 652 (28)