Trap of the King's Mount
Type: Books/Scrolls

Price: 0 / 0
Stacked: 9999

A mighty beast is stored within!
Will contain one of the following mounts:
Pigsly Pigsworth, Scarlet Ninetails, Violet Lightning,
Silver Mane, Bad Panda, Kirin of Fortune, Nien Beast,
Goldmane Lion Lord, Bulbfish, or Grand Lobster.
Right click to use!

Activate Task

Can be purchased in Item Mall (Alt + O in game)

Trap of the King's Mount

Tab: Ride - Beasts

Price: This item may be unavailable in shop for now

Amount: 1

Award from quest

Genie Pack (0)
Japan|日服09.5月彩票 (0)
Heaven Prosperity Pack (0)
Tideborn Heart (0)
n/a台服10.3月彩票 (0)
Coral of Luck (0)
Lucky Coral (0)
N/A日本10.1月彩票 (0)
n/a日服11年1-3月彩票兌換 (0)
Darkgold Chest (0)

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