Script of Fate
Type: Basic Items

Price: 0 / 10.000
Stacked: 9999

A heavenly book of fate.
Can be used to produce LV5 Tomes at Nature Forges in Thousand Streams.
Drag the book to the right slot to produce.

Award from quest

Coral of Luck (0)
Lucky Coral (0)
N/A日本10.1月彩票 (0)
Receive Reward (0)
Year of the Tiger Pack (0)
N/A海外-10-5月彩票02 (0)
Scratch for Luck (0)
Scratch for Luck (0)
Tempest Pack (0)
Tempest Pack (0)

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Used in craft for following items

A Heart like Still Water
Recipe: N/A彩票纯灵加暴天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

The Tsunamis of Yore
Recipe: N/A彩票纯灵加移动天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

Laughing Mad
Recipe: N/A彩票纯体天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

The Book of Congratulations
Recipe: N/A彩票纯体加物免天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

The Wrath of Heaven
Recipe: N/A彩票纯敏天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

A Strange Kindness
Recipe: N/A彩票纯敏+暴天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

Flesh of the Lamia
Recipe: N/A彩票纯力+移动天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

Everything is Emptiness
Recipe: N/A彩票纯力+暴天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

The Oasis Remembered
Recipe: N/A彩票灵体+移动天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

The Heavenly Scent
Recipe: N/A彩票灵体+吟唱天书5级配方
Amount needed: 1

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Item can be crafted
Recipe: Lottery Exchange 04

Iceshard Coin (5000)

Probability to create: 100.00%

PWI Iceshard Agent