☆☆Ceremonial Bow
Type: Weapons
Subtype: Ranged / Bow
Used by character(s): Archer
LV. 1
Attack Speed 0.67
Attack Range 20
Physical attack 1-666
Magical attack 1-666

Str required 1
Agi required 1
Int required 1
Con required 1

Level Required: 1

Price: 1 / 1
Stacked: 1

Appear weak when you are strong,
and strong when you are weak.
A reward for victory in the Territory Wars.
Unable to be decomposed or refined.

Craft Rate with 0 socket(s): 100%

Drop rate with 0 socket(s): 100%

Award from quest

A Physical Weapon (0)

Items Addons:


Thunder Strike: Has a chance to Freeze the target for 4 seconds,
and reduces the target's Physical and Magic defenses. Lasts for 8 seconds.