Wishful Wing Token
Type: Basic Items

Price: 100 / 0
Stacked: 100

A magical token for unsealing flyers.
Use at the Aerogear Forge in the City of a Thousand Streams.

Award from quest

畍Joy Scroll (0)
畝Primal Cache (0)
秩Metallic Dazzler (0)
秪Heavenly Ascension Pack (0)
秸Customized (150)
穑Crown of Sochi (0)
穸Horselords' Bounty (0)
筲Resplendent Hearts (0)
筵Recruitment (0)
箉Crystalline Treasure Box (0)

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Used in craft for following items

Burning Bullet (10)
Recipe: Sealed Burning Bullet
Amount needed: 1

Machinarium (10)
Recipe: Sealed Machinarium
Amount needed: 1

Flaming White Phoenix (10)
Recipe: Sealed Flaming White Phoenix
Amount needed: 1

Time Wheel (10)
Recipe: Sealed Time Wheel
Amount needed: 1

Green Poison (10)
Recipe: Sealed Green Poison
Amount needed: 1

Pious Entity (10)
Recipe: Sealed Pious Entity
Amount needed: 1

Taoist Mind (10)
Recipe: Sealed Taoist Mind
Amount needed: 1

Flaming Roar (10)
Recipe: Sealed Flaming Roar
Amount needed: 1

Blinding Shine (10)
Recipe: Sealed Blinding Shine
Amount needed: 1

Arcane Thought (10)
Recipe: Sealed Arcane Thought
Amount needed: 1

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Item can be crafted
Recipe: Wishful Wing Token Exchange

Perfect·Token of Best Luck (100)

Probability to create: 100.00%

Treasure Merchant Hagen