Coal Dust
Type: Materials
Subtype: Basic Materials / Energy Sources

Price: 1 / 240
Stacked: 100

Lowest grade power source for producing equipment.

Can be purchased in Item Mall (Alt + O in game)

Coal Dust

Tab: Craft - Mats 1

Price: This item may be unavailable in shop for now

Amount: 20

Used in craft for following items

☆Cat's Eye Ring (11)
Recipe: Lyncean Eye's Ring
Amount needed: 1

☆Rhino Horn Ring (19)
Recipe: Sharp Horned Ring
Amount needed: 3

☆Pinegrain Sword (7)
Recipe: Ancient Sword of Rosin Vein
Amount needed: 1

☆Weituo's Pestle (11)
Recipe: Adamantien Pestle
Amount needed: 1

☆Ursa Major Sword (15)
Recipe: Sword of Seven Stepping Star
Amount needed: 3

☆Sukhavati Pestle (19)
Recipe: Wheel
Amount needed: 4

Woven Fang Arrow
Recipe: Woven Fang Arrow
Amount needed: 1

Bone Bolt
Recipe: Bone Bolt
Amount needed: 1

Iron Ore Shot
Recipe: Iron Ore Shot
Amount needed: 1

☆Sword of Burning Clouds (22)
Recipe: MistyFlame Devil Sword
Amount needed: 15

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Harvest from

Rough Coal Stack

Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Osmanthus Wine 0 10 Required to finish quest
Enlarge the City 20+ 20 Required to finish quest
Drop from
# Name Level Exists Element Life %
1 Earth Fat Wolf 4 - No elements 172 3.0118
2 Unstable Fluorescence 10 - Fire, weak Water 711 0.1495