Extruded Charcoal
Type: Materials
Subtype: Basic Materials / Energy Sources

Price: 1 / 2.600
Stacked: 100

Special power source for producing equipment.

Can be purchased in Item Mall (Alt + O in game)

Extruded Charcoal

Tab: Craft - Mats 1

Price: This item may be unavailable in shop for now

Amount: 30

Award from quest

Happiness Pack (0)
Old Silver Case (0) Amount: 20
Old Golden Case (0) Amount: 20
Craftsman Case (0) Amount: 20

Used in craft for following items

Cloudflow Muslin
Recipe: Level 4 Damask Silk Formulation
Amount needed: 2

☆Sunblade (94)
Recipe: Ascend Pure Sword
Amount needed: 6

☆Crouching Tiger Pestle (99)
Recipe: Great Existence
Amount needed: 7

☆Moonblade (104)
Recipe: Great OverCast
Amount needed: 8

☆Fallen Dragon Pestle (109)
Recipe: Heaven's Secret
Amount needed: 8

☆Omniblade (114)
Recipe: Reincarnation Sword
Amount needed: 9

☆Pestle of Nature's Secrets (119)
Recipe: Whell of Vastaid
Amount needed: 10

☆Voidblade (124)
Recipe: Great Pure Sword
Amount needed: 11

☆Pestle of Reincarnation (129)
Recipe: Nine Magnific Wheel
Amount needed: 11

☆Metablade (134)
Recipe: Exalted Supreme
Amount needed: 12

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Harvest from

Lava Coal Stack

Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Tukang's Wine 0 15 Required to finish quest
Wine of Sorrow 0 20 Required to finish quest