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Master Kai had a set of cards with details on powerful monsters, but I lost them on my last trip! I should give them little gifts every 10 years to pacify them, but it's been 20 already! I'm afraid they are acting up again. Could you help me?

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Storage access service: No

Sell items: No

Crafting service: Yes

Repair Items: No

Decompose items service: No

Identify item service: No

Install stone service: No

Learn Skill service: No

Genie Learn skill: No

Pet service: No

Teleporting service: No

Reset stats service: No

Equipment bind service: No

Engraving service: No

Territory Regent: No


ChronoWorld: 365 516 (47)

ChronoWorld 1 - Heaven's Tear: 365 516 (47)

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