Perfect Questmaster

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Nothing in life is impossible. The highest purpose in life is to constantly surpass yourself. If you have completed 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, or 200 non-repeatable quests, I will reward you for your efforts.

Main Info

Storage access service: No

Sell items: No

Crafting service: No

Repair Items: No

Decompose items service: No

Identify item service: No

Install stone service: No

Learn Skill service: No

Genie Learn skill: No

Pet service: No

Teleporting service: No

Reset stats service: No

Equipment bind service: No

Engraving service: No

Territory Regent: No


World: 433 889 (27)

World: 243 646 (26)

World: 552 625 (22)

World: 327 424 (22)

World: 370 238 (24)

World: 662 126 (24)

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