Fresh Chelonian Sample


According to the records of the Perfect World Bestiary, there are Amphibian Turtles, Saint's Lake Tortoises, Vortex Crawler Monarchs, and more kinds of aquatic turtles in the Lake of No Worries. Lanbos has asked you to go there and collect some of their bodies for him.

Required to do

Get: Amphibian Turtle Specimen  Amount:1

Drop from: Amphibian Turtle (24)  Rate:30%

Get: Saint's Lake Tortoise Fossil  Amount:1

Drop from: Saint's Lake Tortoise (22)  Rate:30%

Get: Vortex Crawler Specimen  Amount:1

Drop from: Vortex Crawler Monarch (64)  Rate:30%


Gold: 556

Exp: 55680

SP: 12584

Reputation: 0

SP: 12584


Manor of Knowledge - Lanbos - "World" 358 361(22)

Award NPC

Reqiured Quests

Perfect World Bestiary

Quest Info

Level: 64 - 74

Can give up

Repeatable after failure