Retrieve the Jade Seal


Find the Jade Seal from Overlord Murinae, and report to the Nation War Recruiter. They are called Rat Lurk Pits, and Withering Wilds lead there. Walk along the path in Withering Wilds to the end, and there's a gate which can teleport you there. Overlord Murinae is at a narrow entrance when you walk upward and down a stair in the pits. Please search carefully.

Required to do

Get: Summer Nation Jade Seal  Amount:1

Drop from: Overlord Murinae (105)  Rate:100%


Gold: 32.000

Exp: 38

SP: 8

Reputation: 0

SP: 8


Storyteller Old Goh - "World" 576 653(22)

Award NPC

Nation War Agent

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 117 864(38)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 428 890(27)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 245 649(26)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 548 675(23)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 324 421(22)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 380 228(24)

Nation War Recruiter - "World" 659 145(25)

Reqiured Quests

Summer Nati. Jade Seal

Quest Info

Level: 95+

Can give up

Repeatable after failure