Double Towers! Fix mistakes!


Now, you have the chance to fix your mistakes.

Required to do

Kill: Ghost (101)   Amount:1

Kill: Chaos (101)   Amount:1

Quest Zone: (quest will fail if character will leave this square zone)


Bottom Left Point: 378/0

Upper Right Point: 603/1000


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Title: Master of Balance

Kung Fu focuses on the balance of Yin and Yang.

Unlock Tai Chi Shore.

SP: 0

Reqiured Quests

Look for Your Sword of Fate

Empyrean Slither's Doomsday

Automatic started at point

World: 578 986 (22.5)

Quest Info

Level: 0

Can give up

Repeatable after failure