See you again, my enemy!


You have broken 7 seals. You power is beyond my imagination. Let me show you more!

Quest Time

2013/9/11 08:00 - 2023/9/11

Given items

Seal: Archosaur  Amount:1

Required to do

Get: Letter of Challenge  Amount:1

Harvest from: Skeleton


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Title: Yohn's Foe

In Yohn's letter: "You will feel honored to have my challenge."

Find the letter of challenge Vengeful Troops Commander Yohn has left for you.

SP: 0

Automatic started at point

World: 645 834 (22.5)

Quest Info

Level: 0

Can give up

Repeatable after failure