Elysium Gift Pack I


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Title: Hero of Elysium

Temporary title!

Open the Elysium Gift Pack I.

SP: 0

Items Group


Gold Spirit Charm Period: 30 days

Gold Guardian Charm Period: 30 days

Swiftstream Limited Flyer Token

Smiley Ticket

Teleport Stone - 10

Teleport Incense - 10

Dream Guardian Scroll - 5

Teleacoustic - 20

Teleport Bell Period: 14 days

Auto-Recovery Stone Period: 14 days

Limited Princely Fashion Pack

Activated by using item(s):

Elysium Gift Pack I

Quest Info

Level: 0

Can give up

Repeatable after failure