Pomegrenate Blossom Title


You can trade two Pomegranate Moons at Flower Whisperer in East City to get a special title: Pomegrenate Blossom. Pomegranate Moon can be acquired by planting Tulips in your homestead.

Required items

Pomegranate Moon  Amount:2

Required to do


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Title: Pomegrenate Blossom

The May flowers widen my eyes with their splendid blossoms.

Trade two Pomegranate Moons to the Flower Whisperer.

SP: 0


Flower Whisperer - "World" 551 675(23)

Quest Info

Level: 90 - 105

Can give up

Repeatable after failure