The Request


(Symphony of Fate, Difficulty Level Null) Five thousand years ago, the allied forces led by King Yi the Mighty Wing successfully sieged the Twilight City. However, the troops and the city disappeared suddenly. Nobody knew what happened. With the divine device, the Might of the Great Goose, King Yi survived. He asked if you would free his comrade, Feng. Defeat General Feng: Null, 3 Ancient Wraith Riders, and 4 Ancient Wraith Footmen. Quest must be done under the current difficulty level.

Required to do

Kill: General Feng: Null (150)   Amount:1

Kill: Ancient Wraith Rider (90)   Amount:3

Kill: Ancient Wraith Footman (93)   Amount:4


Gold: 12.000

Exp: 75000

SP: 15000

Reputation: 12

SP: 15000


King Yi the Mighty Wing - "Twilight Temple" 436 535(26)

Award NPC

Quest Info

Level: 90+

Can give up

Repeatable after failure