Comforting Jade


Enter the Frostcovered City in Single player Mode. Find the curvants for Taoist Yu. Remember, that this is the only way to start the Squad Mode for Frostcovered City.

Required to do

Get: Curvade of Jin  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Yi  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Li  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Chih  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Hsin  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Tao  Amount:1

Get: Curvade of Ming  Amount:1


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

SP: 0

Time Limit

1 sec.


Taoist Yu - "World" 152 965(22)

Award NPC

Reqiured Quests

Disappeared City

Quest Info

Level: 150

Can give up

Repeatable after failure