Specter's Spirit


Go to the Valley of Sky's End, kill Devilish Specters and bring 55 Specter Spirits to Nibu Ru.

Required to do

Get: Specter's Spirit  Amount:55

Drop from: Devilish Specter (95)  Rate:80%


Gold: 23.500

Exp: 39200

SP: 8900

Reputation: 18

Items Group

Amount:1  Chosen randomly

Celestone of Heaven (10%)

Celestone of Earth (10%)

Celestone of Human (10%)

Celestone Fragments (70%)

Award NPC

Nibu Ru, Demon Overlord - "Momaganon" 332 464(26)

Reqiured Quests

Ruckus In Momaganon

Activated by using item(s):

Scroll of Mend

Quest Info

Level: 0

Can't give up

Repeatable after failure