Seven-Strides Bell
Type: Basic Items

Price: 100 / 10.000
Stacked: 1
Bind, no shared stash allowed. (16403)

ring-according to legend, this carried on, want to where it goes, as long as the light ring this Bell, would fit nicely with ventricular tachycardia, immediate reach. This prop
deposited in the package, when you find the transferred divisions for shipping, as long as the click on the map to transfer point
to transfer omit the Middle link, directly. Transit transfer cost required, be deducted.

Award from quest

Call of the Queen (0)
YY play more gifts (40+)
Seven-Strides Bell Ticket (0)
dynasty of the heart (0)
Shrink bell Exchange (0)
Wanda's Present (40+)
All-server Great Deal Pack (0)
Hero of Dragon City Pack (0)
Guardian of Dragon City Pack (0)
Dragon City Treasure (0)

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