Health Stone
Type: Basic Items

Price: 100 / 10.000
Stacked: 1
Bind, no shared stash allowed. (16403)

While this is in your inventory, you may enable the Auto-Potion
functionality by clicking the H key or the Heart icon next to your
character window. When enabled, you will automatically use your
consumables when falling below a specified percent in health or mana.

Please observe the expiration date.

This can also increase the maximum limit of daily Active Points.

Award from quest

earth energy (20 - 40)
Laborer's Insignia Ex. (15) (60+)
Perfect Holy City Warrior VIP (0)
Perfect Holy City Knight VIP (0)
Perfect Holy City Jazz VIP (0)
Lv. 90 Unique Reward (90 - 94)
Hero of Dragon City Pack (0)
Guardian of Dragon City Pack (0)
Blessing Gift Box (0)
Good Luck Gift Pack (0)

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