Fu Zhi


Fu Zhi, which looks like dragon, is the eighth one of nine dragon’s sons and likes inscription. The dragon on both sides of a tablet is its portrait of the decreased.Fu Zhi likes various inscriptions on tablets. It prefers to be a picture to set off those enduring literature works, decorating tablet pedestals much more elegant and delicate.They twine with each other. It seems that they are wriggling forward. And it feels much more maganificent while matching with Ba Xia on the pedestal.


Gold: 0

Exp: 142500

SP: 29100

Reputation: 0

New quest: DragonSeeking Lv91-100

Items Group

Amount:1  Chosen randomly

Token of Gold Dragon (30%)

Token of Silver Dragon (70%)


Dragon Seeker Jun Long - "World" 423 836(22)

Dragon Seeker Jun Long - "World" 254 687(25)

Dragon Seeker Jun Long - "World" 370 459(22)

Dragon Seeker Jun Long - "World" 655 210(22)

Reqiured Quests

First Dragon-Seeking

Quest Info

Level: 91+

Can give up

Repeatable after failure



UseNotTheHiddenDragon (First)(Sub:10)

Dragon Tail(Sub:10)

Sky Flying Dragon(Sub:10)

Twin Dragons(Sub:10)

Dragon in the Field(Sub:10)

Leaderless Dragons(Sub:10)

Repentant Dragon(Sub:10)

Six Dragons(Sub:10)

The Playful Phoenix(Sub:10)

Dragon Brawl(Sub:3)