Tranquillia Herb
Type: Materials
Subtype: Medica Material / N/A加生命的级别引

Price: 30 / 60
Stacked: 500
No binding

Low grade herb used by Apothecaries.

Used in craft for following items

Medium Healing Potion (20)
Recipe: Medium Healing Potion
Amount needed: 2

Medium Healing Potion (5)
Recipe: Level 2 Ointment
Amount needed: 2

Stream Powder
Recipe: Medium Level Speed Potion
Amount needed: 15

Samsara Orb
Recipe: Small Lucky Potion
Amount needed: 15

Dew of Lunar Protection
Recipe: Small Dual Resistant Potion
Amount needed: 15

Death River Toxin
Recipe: Toxic Mist
Amount needed: 15

Harvest from

Tranquillia Herb

Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Shuang's Materials 0 2 Required to finish quest
Find the Flower 0 2 Required to finish quest