Scented Fungus
Type: Materials
Subtype: Medica Material / N/A解毒的类型引

Price: 1 / 260
Stacked: 500
No binding

Special herb used by Apothecaries.

Award from quest

Perfect Tokens of Luck Herb (0) Amount: 10

Used in craft for following items

Refined Antidote (10)
Recipe: Dew of Clear
Amount needed: 1

Zooming Thunder Powder
Recipe: Instant Potion
Amount needed: 20

White Tea
Recipe: Superior Vigor Jade
Amount needed: 25

Stone Turtle Orb
Recipe: Hardness Potion
Amount needed: 25

Renewal Orb
Recipe: Large Increase Speed Potion
Amount needed: 25

Rebirth Orb
Recipe: Fire Resistant Potion
Amount needed: 25

Harvest from

Scented Fungus

Used in quests
Name Level Amount Mob/Type
Learn ApothecaryLv.III 0 5 Required to finish quest