Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade
Type: Basic Items

Price: 100 / 10.000
Stacked: 9999
No binding

Use this to obtain a Robe from Lunar Glade's Trophy Mode.
Use the Gift Exchange option at any PW Boutique
Agent to redeem your gift.

Award from quest

Anniversary Pack (0)
n/a台服10.3月彩票 (0)
Coral of Luck (0)
Lucky Coral (0)
Receive Reward (0)
Year of the Tiger Pack (0)
N/A海外-10-5月彩票01 (0)
Scratch for Luck (0)
Scratch for Luck (0)
Tempest Pack (0)

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Used in craft for following items

☆Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade (90)
Recipe: N/A非常完美_神月物理披风
Amount needed: 1

☆Calm Robe: Lunar Glade (90)
Recipe: N/A非常完美_神月法系披风
Amount needed: 1