☆Hellblaze Helm
Type: Armors
Subtype: Head Wear / Helmet
Used by character(s): Wildwalker, Edgerunner, Technician, Stormbringer, Duskblade, Mystic, Seeker, Cleric, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Venomancer, Psychic, Wizard, Blademaster
LV. 12

Str required 147

Life +200
Level Required: 95

Price: 27.200 / 300.000
Stacked: 1
Bind, no shared stash allowed. (16403)
Item is a part of a complect "Hellbound Flame"

Craft Rate with 2 socket(s): 100%

Drop rate with 2 socket(s): 100%

Destroyed to: 4 Perfect Stone

Award from quest

Morai: Stalking Stalkers (90+)

Items Addons:


Vitality +5~6

Reduce Phys. damage +1%