Holy Pill
Type: Basic Items

Price: 1 / 1
Stacked: 99999
Bind to character. (19)

Required item for attempting a Holy Ascent.

Access the Meridian Interface by clicking on
your silhouette in your bag menu.
Choose an acupoint button carefully,
then click on it when you're sure.
Each click of an acupoint will consume one Holy Pill.

Holy pills may be obtained in these ways:
1.Related events award pills that may not be traded.
2.Purchase it at Merchant (can not be traded).

Award from quest

Bounty Hunter I (100+) Amount: 2
Coming of Age: Lost Crystal (50+) Amount: 10
Coming of Age: Dream Realm (50+) Amount: 5
Tien Peng's Lost Soul (80+) Amount: 2