War Avatar Artifact
Type: Basic Items

Price: 1 / 5.000.000
Stacked: 9000
Bind, no shared stash allowed. (16403)

The remains of a decomposed S-grade War Avatar.
Used to craft War Avatars or infuse Imperial Spirit.

Award from quest

Celestial Blade Althea (150)
Tundra Storm Kestra (150)
Astrid the Dragonborne (150)
Lorelei of the Depths (150)
Gu Hensin (150)
Lio Gianni (150)
Tsen the Heavensent (150)
Battle Finisher Fen (150)
Ancestor Feng Loriel (150)
Saintess Feng Drime (150)

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Used in craft for following items

Recipe: n/a合成配方_白银战神·席尔瓦
Amount needed: 100

Recipe: n/a合成配方_风暴之怒·伊蒂丝
Amount needed: 100

Recipe: n/a合成配方_龙之嫡系·晓纯
Amount needed: 100

Recipe: n/a合成配方_浩海青霜·冷月
Amount needed: 100

Gu Hensin
Recipe: n/a合成配方_顾横行
Amount needed: 15

Lio Gianni
Recipe: n/a合成配方_柳坚营
Amount needed: 15

Tsen the Heavensent
Recipe: n/a合成配方_成天赐
Amount needed: 15

Fen the Victorious
Recipe: n/a合成配方_风破野
Amount needed: 15

Ancestor Feng Loriel
Recipe: n/a合成配方_汐族先王·东方烈
Amount needed: 5

Saint Feng Drime
Recipe: n/a合成配方_汐族圣女·东方梦
Amount needed: 5

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