Dustfall Relic
Type: Basic Items

Price: 1 / 1
Stacked: 999
No binding

Can be used at Dustfall: Rebirth to upgrade Rank 8 gears that have reborn in fire.

Award from quest

Delicate Moon Chest (0)
Frozen Karma (0)
Quicksilver Sky (0)
Cloudflow Sunshine (0)
Snowdance Chest (0)
GM War Tune Sheet (0)
Midnight's Toll (0)
Cache of the Clouds (0)
Celestial Treasure (0)
Dark Cloud Pearl (0)

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Used in craft for following items

☆☆☆Mageblade of Nature (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_法剑
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆Light of Excellence (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_法轮
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆Demonhunter's Quarry (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_弓
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆Radiance (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_双剑
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆The King's Heart (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_单刀
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆The King's Justice (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_双斧
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆The King's Fury (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_长刀
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆The King's Hand (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_拳套
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆Ocean Supreme Shanks (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_匕首
Amount needed: 6

☆☆☆Wish of the Ancestors (100)
Recipe: n/a2015八军3轮_生产_法球
Amount needed: 6

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Item can be crafted
Recipe: Dustfall Relic Exchange

Perfect·Token of Best Luck (60)

Probability to create: 100.00%

Treasure Merchant Hagen