The Wraiths have taken the craftsmen who pass by, turning them into horrible Skeleranc Craftsmen. And what's worse, they retain most of their techniques from before death. They are working on making Catapults, which would be lethal to the defense of Archosaur City. Sneak into their gathering place in the northeast of Archosaur City. Take the Catapult Design and give it to Fang the Scholar in Orchid Temple so as to delay their attack. This is a Quest Series. You will receive Duke Armour after completion.


Gold: 126

Exp: 12640

SP: 2857

Reputation: 0


Aerocraft Dealer Ling - "World" 543 684(22)

Aerocraft Dealer Ling - "World" 82 5(23)

Quest Info

Level: 32 - 42

Can give up

Repeatable after failure


Get the Design (First)

Deliver the Design

Trebuchet Design