Operation Lonewolf G


Transport the Energy Source to the Blizzard Temple, and save the last Snow Wolf trapped there by Eldros. There are five grades of these Energy Sources, each having a different color. The number of Energy Sources that you can carry for each grade is different. These grades are Silver, Blue, Colorful, Golden ,and Red. You can use Silver Coins to refresh the quest for unlimited times until you get the one you want. Please stay away from the mountainsides or the waters while you are transporting. Otherwise, you may lose the snow wolf and the quest may fail. You can only take this quest once per day. If you abandon it, you can not take it again. The quest will fail upon leaving scene. If you are killed, you can return to your corpse to retrieve the Energy Source. Each Energy Source lasts 5 minutes. If it expires, you can not get another one. When completing the quest, the reward is determined by the number of Energy Source you have.

Required to do

Effect: Cast a LV4 Northern Realm Escort


Gold: 0

Exp: 0

SP: 0

Reputation: 0

Time Limit




2019 XS Escort Quest Starter

Sherwood - "a101???" 417 585(22)

Quest Info

Level: 0 - 105

Quest from "Library"

Can give up

Repeatable after failure



S1: Whirlpool Trap (First)

S2: Frozen Outpost

S3: Millstone Ruins

S4: Battered Outpost

S5: Blizzard Temple