Peng Lai: Eradicate the Mobs


In order for you to infiltrate the Hidden Ear Ratkin, you have temporarily assumed their form. You can now enter and slay the Rat King. (You will not be able to use Skills in Ratkin form. The Hidden Ear Caverns are swarming with the Rat King's henchmen. You'd best enter with allies. Should you fail, return to Meng Tiwu to try again.) (Characters in a transformation form such as Fox, White Tiger or Twilight Dance cannot access this quest. You must return to your normal form in order to do so. Logging out will also break the transformation, but you can abort the quest and return to Meng Tiwu to try again.)

Given items

Ratling Transformation Card  Amount:1

Required to do

Kill: Hidden Ear Rat King (105)   Amount:1


Gold: 6.607

Exp: 3303300

SP: 1321320

Reputation: 331

Items Group


☆Crimson Misty Dawn Robe

Items Group


☆Red Slag Soul Armor

Items Group


☆Seven Hells Inferno Plate

Time Limit



Meng Tiwu - "Morai" 255 567(6)

Award NPC

Reqiured Quests

Peng Lai: Fated Twists

Quest Info

Level: 90+

Teleport to: Morai Dungeon 310 617 (4)

Can give up

Repeatable after failure