Morai: Eradicate the Monsters


You've undertaken a great quest to slay the Overlord Murinae, scourge of the Murid people! Find the rat and put him down. Note: you must complete and turn in this quest to Pity Menti before time runs out! (You can not use character skills after changing into Murid form.) (If you can not acquire the quest even when changed, log off to lose the changed state, take the quest Change Again, and try again.)

Given items

Card of Transformation  Amount:1

Required to do

Kill: Overlord Murinae (105)   Amount:1


Gold: 6.607

Exp: 3303300

SP: 1321320

Reputation: 331

Items Group


☆Robe of Twilight

Items Group


☆Crimson Flux Cuirass

Items Group


☆Hellblaze Plate

Time Limit



Pity Menti - "Morai" 255 567(6)

Award NPC

Reqiured Quests

Morai: Fated Twists

Quest Info

Level: 90+

Teleport to: Morai Dungeon 310 617 (4)

Can give up

Repeatable after failure